World Cuisine

  • Exclusive: Chef Tala Bashmi Gets Candid About Collaborations, Reinterpretations And Current Food Trends

    Chef Interview: We recently had the chance to chat with celebrated Bahraini Chef Tala Bashmi about food trends, culinary reinterpretation and the best way to make poached eggs!

  • Viral: Man Accidentally Shares Beer Pic On Family WhatsApp Group. Parents React

    The viral tweet shared snaps of the hilarious WhatsApp conversation and it was posted by the man's sister.

  • Dining Experience At The World's Oldest Vegetarian Restaurant, Haus Hiltl

    If you are in Switzerland and want to indulge a little (or a lot), then at Haus Hiltl, you'll find many delectable vegetarian dishes calling your name. So, say goodbye to having ...

  • Pizzas Of The World: 7 Most Popular Pizzas From Across The Globe

    This Italian staple has become so popular that you'll find a pizza lover in every part of the world.

  • 9 Most Popular Desserts From Around The World

    If you're someone who is eager to experiment and try out exotic desserts, here we bring you a list of 9 lip-smacking desserts from around the world.

  • What The World Eats: 10 Popular Countries And Their Traditional Breakfast

    We have found out what breakfast is like around the world and listed it as the classic breakfast eaten in some of our dream destinations.

  • 5 Korean Delicacies You Can Enjoy For Breakfast

    From coffee and eggs to toast, breakfast is filled with these delicacies with a Korean twist of course.

  • World Coconut Day: 5 Coconut-Based Drinks To Refresh Your Mood

    World Coconut Day is being celebrated on September 2. Here are 5 delicious coconut-based drinks you can enjoy on this day.

  • Nachos, Tacos And More: 5 Best Mexican Dishes To Whip A Delicious Weekend Meal

    Don't worry, these authentic Mexican dishes can be quickly whipped at home.

  • World Cuisine: 5 Best Dishes Of Japanese Cuisine That Foodies Will Love

    If you are someone who has always been intrigued by Japanese food, then we suggest you try some of the best Japanese dishes that we are sure you must have heard of!

  • Weekend Special: 5 Classic Thai Recipes Every Foodie Should Try

    While this cuisine hails from Thailand, it offers a unique mixture of sweet, sour and spicy, resembling the diverse taste palate of India.

  • Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee To Feature Lemon Trifle, Chicken And More

    Platinum Jubilee: The Queen of England is celebrating 70 years of being in power, and a Lemon Trifle will be a part of the momentuous occasion.

  • Love Korean Food? Try Out The Recipe Of Veg Spicy Korean Rice Cakes (Tteok-Bokki), Video Inside

    If you too have been wondering about Korean cuisine, then we'd like to introduce to you the recipe for a classic Korean delicacy known as Tteok-bokki or spicy Korean rice cakes.

  • Baklava, Turkish Kofte Kebabs And More: 5 Recipes That Shall Give You A Taste Of Turkey At Home

    If you can't travel to Turkey, we have managed to bring Turkey to your home by finding the recipes for some of the most authentic Turkish dishes!

  • World Cuisine: 10 Best Dishes From Different Cuisines That Shall Make You Travel The World

    We shall introduce you to the most popular dishes from ten cuisines of the world, to give an idea of what it's like to travel the world as a foodie.

  • Good Friday Supper: Here Are 5 Delicious And Meatless Dinner Ideas

    If you are not sure what to cook on Good Friday, we have a list of recipes for you

  • Lay's Pakistan Introduces 'Jalebi Flavoured' Chips; Pulls The Best Prank Ever

    Official Lay's Pakistan page caused a stir on the internet with its brand new 'Jalebi Lays'. Before you lose your cool, check out the reason behind it.

  • Perbacco: Indulge In The Exotic Meal Curated By Michelin Star Chef Adriano Baldassarre

    The new menu of the restaurant, curated by Michelin Star Chef, Adriano Baldassarrechef, is one that will make you want to come back to try their exclusive dishes.

  • Burmese Samosa Curry Is A Famous Burmese Street Food That Might Be A Hit With Desi Foodies

    Burmese Samosa Curry Recipe: A famous street food in Burma, this samosa curry is a hearty and delicious dish that is sure to win you over.

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