• Easy Recipes: 5-Minutes Ready-To-Eat Breakfast Ideas For Busy Mornings

    These breakfast ideas will come to your rescue on days when you are either getting late for work or don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen.

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    Sandwiches can be prepared in countless ways. If you talk about India, people here have their own desi ways of making it.

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    Indian Lunch Recipes: Dal, kadhi, sambhar, biryani and more can be cooked in the microwave, you just need to follow the easy steps!

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    Navratri 2022: Here are some of the best restaurants in Delhi-NCR to sample the amazing Navratri thali.

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  • 7 Classic Street Foods You Can Recreate At Home With Curd

    If you have excessive dahi at home, and you are worried that it may go sour, then we have listed some tasty street foods you can prepare at home using yoghurt.

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    Here we bring you 5 interesting chickpea recipes that are just perfect to have with your morning cuppa. These recipes are filling, nutritious and extremely delicious to have.

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    This Poshan Maah 2022 is dedicated to the health of women and children, both are interlinked.

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