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  • All You Need Is A Mango And Biscuits To Make This Quick, Delicious Dessert

    Mango Biscuit Pudding: An easy 4-ingredient no-bake dessert that youll love this summer.

  • Spice Up Your Weekend With Maharashtrian Kala Masala Chicken. Recipe Inside

    Maharashtrian kala masala chicken is an easy-to-make chicken curry recipe.

  • Review: Mokai Is Bandra's Artistic New Haven For Asian-Inspired Dishes, Drinks And Design

    Mokai Bandra Review: This new coffeehouse and all-day dining spot on Chapel Road promises an Asian culinary experience beyond the usual.

  • Watch: Can You Eat These Repulsive Foods From The 'Disgusting Food Museum' In Sweden?

    What is inedible and disgusting for one part of the world, may seem like tasty food to another.

  • Enjoy The Juicy Goodness Of Summer Fruits With These 5 Cooler Recipes

    Fruit coolers are cool and refreshing, making them a perfect summer quintessential. Read on to learn 5 fruit coolers that you can enjoy today and every day for the rest of the ...

  • Is Baking Soda Healthy? Nutritionist Breaks Down The Truth

    Baking soda isn't just for baking anymore! But should you be adding it to your recipes? Nutritionist Amita Gadre spills the beans on whether it's a healthy choice for your body.

  • 5 Common Mistakes That Might Ruin Your Homemade Kulfi

    Kulfi Recipe: Do you find it challenging to make kulfi at home? Here are some simple tips that will help you achieve perfect results every time.

  • Masaba Gupta Announces Pregnancy: Here's What The Mommy-To-Be Is Craving

    Masaba Gupta and husband Satyadeep Mishra took to Instagram to announce their pregnancy on Thursday evening. Read on.

  • Ice Cream Going Bad? Avoid These 5 Mistakes While Storing Your Chilly Treat

    A bowl full of ice cream can evoke so many memories, but not storing it properly can ruin it. Read on to learn 5 mistakes to avoid while storing ice cream!

  • For The Love Of Chocolate Brownies: 4 Easy Ways To Make This Beloved Treat At Home

    Chocolate Brownie Recipe: If you're a chocolate brownie lover, here we'll be sharing with you four effortless ways in which you can make them.

  • Whip Up Healthy, Homemade Hide & Seek-Style Biscuits From Scratch (Recipe Inside)

    Most biscuits typically have all-purpose flour and sugar as their key ingredients. However, these chocolate biscuits are prepared with whole wheat flour and jaggery.

  • Beat The Heat With This Nutritionist-Approved Electrolyte Drink - Recipe Inside

    Electrolytes are substances that are essential for life. They carry a charge which ionizes when dissolved in water. Read on for details.

  • 5 Easy Ways To Store Half-Cut Fruits And Vegetables

    Once cut, fruits and vegetables tend to spoil in no time. With these 5 ways, you can increase the shelf life of your half-cut produce!

  • Do The Mangoes You Eat Contain Carbide? 4 Easy Tips To Find Out

    You will often find elders at home asking if the mangoes they are buying have carbide - a chemical used to ripen mangoes artificially. It is bad for health too.

  • No Tandoor? No Problem! 5 Tips For Restaurant-Quality Garlic Naan At Home

    Who needs takeout when you can whip up restaurant-quality garlic naan at home? With our simple steps, you'll be making mouthwatering garlic naan on tawa like a pro in no time!

  • I Tried A Week-Long Navratri Fasting For The First Time And Here Are My Two Cents

    A foodie attempts to follow a no-rice, no-wheat, no-ice cream, no-chocolate... fasting for a week, will she succeed?

  • Say Goodbye To Dull Hair With These 5 Easy-To-Make Detox Drinks

    Summer's scorching heat can leave our hair lifeless. But worry not, because we've got fabulously easy detox water recipes that'll have you looking and feeling gorgeously refreshed in no time!

  • Ram Navami 2024: 3 Classic South Indian Recipes For Ram Navami Celebration

    Many homes across South India typically serve panaka, buttermilk, and moong dal salad or kosambari during Ram Navami celebration.

  • Juices For Diabetics: What To Sip And What To Skip This Summer As Per Dietitian

    Diabetes Diet: Can diabetics drink all fruit juices? Here's what you need to know!

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