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  • 5 Tips To Make Perfect Pyaaz Kachori Every Time

    Pyaaz kachoris are loved for their spicy filling and flaky texture. But how do you make these at home? Follow these easy tips while whipping some up, and you will be a ...

  • 5 Genius Ways to Reuse Leftover Cucumber Peels

    There is nothing that screams summer more than cucumber. But its peels are often discarded. Try these 5 easy ways to give your leftover cucumber peels a second life.

  • From Chicken To Cheesecake: Cherry-Based Recipes To Try Before The Season Ends

    A cherry on top completes a cake. Well, why stop at cake, when you can prepare so many different and delicious recipes using cherries?

  • 5 Genius Ways To Use Baking Soda To Elevate Your Cooking

    Have you been baking soda just for baking and cleaning? Then it's time to step up your cooking game! Here are five easy ways to use baking soda in your everyday cooking ...

  • Memories Of Mumbai On A Menu: Aamchee Presents A Culinary Celebration Of The City

    Aamchee was established by Pinky Chandan Dixit, who is also the force behind the legendary restaurant Soam. Read our full review below.

  • Looking For A Guilt-Free Summer Treat? Treat Yourself To These High-Protein Mango Popsicles

    Mango Popsicle: The fact that these are prepared using zero sugar gives them an edge over regular mango popsicles.

  • Budget Bites In Goa: Don't Want To Splurge? Explore These Affordable Cafes, Restaurants And Street Food Joints In Goa

    Do not stress over your budget while going to Goa for a fun trip. Explore these affordable cafes and restaurants that offer yummy food and drinks.

  • 10 Most Popular Street Foods In Delhi, And Where You Can Find Them

    Delhi's street food scene is a melting pot of flavours, aromas, and textures that will leave you craving for more.

  • 10 Budget-Friendly Restaurants And Cafes In Jaipur You Shouldn't Miss

    Jaipur Restaurants and Cafes: Jaipur is not just about architectural history but also lip-smacking food. Read our comprehensive guide to get the best food in the Pink City on a budget!

  • Excess Salt Intake May Affect Your Skin Health: Study; 5 Tips To Reduce Salt Intake

    The study of more than 2,15,000 people found that each additional gram of sodium excreted in urine over 24 hours was associated with 11 per cent higher odds of an eczema diagnosis.

  • 10 Hidden Food Gems Around Mumbai To Eat Like A Local

    Visiting Mumbai as a tourist? Here are some must-try restaurants that locals recommend, but that might have escaped your radar.

  • 5 Interesting Dishes You Can Make With A Jar Of Chilli Oil

    Chilli oil dishes: This oil is a versatile kitchen ingredient used to give a fiery kick to your normal dishes. Here are 5 easy dishes to use it in.

  • 10 Cosy Cafes And Restaurants In Bengaluru For A Dreamy Date Night

    Romantic Restaurants In Bengaluru: Looking for a place to take your special someone? Here are some of the best options.

  • 5 Life-Changing Tips For Newbie Cooks: How To Actually Nail A Recipe

    Cooking can seem daunting at first but a wholesome experience afterwards. But that comes only after you follow a recipe correctly. Read on to learn how you can do that as a ...

  • Diabetes? These Homemade Cookies Are Ideal For Your Sweet Cravings

    Can diabetics have sweets? It's not the dessert that is harmful, it is the proportion of sugar you add to it or the way you make your dessert that matters.

  • The Bread Bar Review: This Cafe In Chembur Is All About Comfort Food And Playful Vibes

    The Bread Bar in Chembur has an all-new dine-in space next to its original location. We dropped by to check it out and try dishes from the new menu.

  • Actress Pranitha Subhash Shares 5 Things That Help Her Stay Fit And Manage Weight

    We asked Kannada actress Pranitha Subhash about her daily routine and dietary preferences.

  • Move Over, Classic Tiramisu! This Mango Version Is The Summer Dessert You Need

    Tiramisu Recipe: Mango tiramisu offers an interesting twist to the classic tiramisu. In this dessert, the flavour of mangoes is more prominent than coffee, making it fruity.

  • Calling All Cheese Lovers! Try These 5 Desi Recipes With A Cheesy Twist

    Update your favourite Indian snacks by trying these delightful cheesy recipe versions.

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