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  • Jaipur In 24 Hours: Exploring The City's Foodie Stops, Bazaars And Historical Gems

    Jaipur City Guide: We have carefully curated a list of the top places in the Pink City that should be on your bucket list!

  • Make Your Burger Healthier With These High-Protein Chickpea Burger Buns (Recipe Inside)

    Make these high-protein buns to create your favourite vegetarian or non-vegetarian burgers. With this recipe, you'll savour each bite with less guilt.

  • 8 Childhood Food Habits And Memories We Would Want To Live Again!

    We all love to eat delicious food, take food pictures, maybe cook new recipes and hang out at cafes. But what was it when we were kids? Read on for a wholesome ...

  • Hidden Gems In Goa: When In Goa, Do Not Miss Out On These Restaurants And Cafes Offering The Local Experience

    Looking for authentic Goan food and local vibes? Here are some hidden gems across North Goa, South Goa, and Panjim.

  • Are You A Fan Of Lassi? You've Got To Try This Sattu Lassi This Summer

    Lassi Recipes: Sattu lassi is a staple in Bihari households. It has a super-rich and creamy texture, making it a refreshing summer beverage.

  • Cockroaches In the Kitchen? Try These 5 Easy Ways To Keep These Insects At Bay

    Cockroaches are unwelcomed guests in any kitchen, but they can be found lurking around kitchen cabinets and countertops. Read on to learn 5 ways to keep these pests at bay!

  • Protein Diet: 5 Easy Ways To Add More Proteins To Your Evening Snacks

    Protein-rich snacks: Make sure you get your fill of proteins in the evening when you have more time in hand to treat yourself to some protein-rich snacks.

  • This Mango-Paneer Salad Is Here To Make Your Summer Juicy And Nutritious

    Make the most of juicy mangoes by whipping up this easy salad made with paneer, veggies and more!

  • 10 Hidden Gems You Must Try To Experience The Taste Of Kolkata

    From the roadside tea stalls where people of different walks of life gather for chai, snacks, and 'adda', to the fanciest of the restaurants for a fine dining experience, the city has ...

  • 5 Yummy Veg Recipes Shared By Neena Gupta To Inspire Your Next Meal

    Neena Gupta often posts about her love for food and cooking on Instagram. We have compiled a list of 5 must-try veg dishes she has made in the past.

  • 5 Unexpected Uses Of Toothpaste To Keep Your Kitchen Squeaky Clean

    Toothpaste is not just for your pearly whites anymore! Its mild abrasiveness can be used to clean several items in the kitchen. Read on to learn how to use this bathroom essential ...

  • 10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants You Must Try In Mumbai

    Mumbai City Food Guide: If it's specifically vegetarian food that you're craving, the city has many old and new choices worth trying.

  • Jackfruit Dosa: This Unique Dosa Recipe Is Here To Make Your Summer Sweet And Memorable

    Jackfruit (kathal) is in season currently, so make the most of it. We bring you a tasty dosa recipe that you can make with this seasonal fruit and take your taste buds ...

  • Bridgerton Characters Reimagined As Desserts, Pick Your Favourite!

    Love Bridgerton series and have a sweet tooth? Check out what your favourite characters look like as desserts!

  • 5 Tips To Whip Up Tasty Katori Chaat At Home

    Tangy and spicy, katori chaat is a tantalizing recipe that will leave you asking for more. Looking for a way to whip it up at home? Then these 5 tips will come ...

  • You'll Never Waste Leftover Dal Roti Again With These Delicious Snack Ideas

    From boring dal roti to irresistible crunchy chaat how you can transform humble leftovers.

  • 5 Interesting Facts About Cast Iron Cookware That No One Told You Before

    Cast iron is a popular cookware choice because of its durability, sustainability and health benefits. Read on for more.

  • Eat Like A Local: Top 10 Street Food Joints In Jaipur That You Shouldn't Miss

    Jaipur Food Guide: Skip the tourist traps and eat like a king in Jaipur! This guide reveals 10 hidden gems serving up the city's most delicious street food. Your tastebuds will thank ...

  • 10 Breakfast Hotspots In Bengaluru For An Unforgettable Morning Meal

    Breakfast Places In Bengaluru: From classic South Indian dishes to American-style staples, this list has something for every palate.

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