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  • Forget About Regular Chaat! Try This Samosa Chaat Instead (Recipe Inside)

    who can resist a crispy, flaky samosa? This all-time favourite snack is perfect with spicy and sweet chutney.

  • Bored Of Regular Chutney? This Rajasthani Peanut Chutney Will Make For A Pleasant Change

    Unlike most peanut chutneys, this one has a dry texture. Made with roasted peanuts and a blend of spices, this chutney can be paired with a variety of different foods.

  • Cake Stuck In The Pan? Don't Worry! This Easy Hack Will Help You Remove It In No Time

    Baking Hack: Removing a cake from its pan can be tricky. Here are some simple tips to help you do it with ease.

  • This Tequila Day 2024, Let's Raise A Toast To Its Origin, History And Unexpected Benefits

    Tequila Day 2024 is an opportunity to raise a glass not just to the delicious beverage but also to its interesting history.

  • Why You Should Always Store Your Nuts In The Freezer

    Freeze Nuts: Keeping nuts fresh can be a challenge. Here's why the freezer is your best bet for maintaining their quality.

  • Say Goodbye to Fried Bhallas: Try This Low-Calorie Sprouts Dahi Bhalla Recipe Today

    Craving dahi bhalla but want to cut back on calories? This sprouts dahi bhalla is your ideal mid-week treat!

  • 8 Condiments That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Meals

    Relish on hotdogs, ranch on wings - check out these delicious condiments and sauces to know more about how you can pair them up and enjoy scrumptious meals.

  • Make The Most Of Jamun Season! Whip Up This Tasty Jamun And Pudina Raita In Just 5 Mins

    This raita is super refreshing and healthy, and something that all jamun lovers should try. Check out the recipe below:

  • 10 Healthy Maharashtrian Recipes For A Wholesome Traditional Meal

    Maharashtrian Food Recipes: Looking for healthy recipes enriched with traditional flavours? Here are some yummy dishes from Maharashtra.

  • Are You Scared Of Cooking Or Heating Food In Microwave? Experts Reveal Facts

    Is your microwave safe for your food and health? Experts share their views and you should be aware.

  • 6 Indian Mushroom Snacks You Can Easily Make At Home (Recipes Inside)

    Mushroom Recipes: Craving a mushroom delight with Indian flavours? Here are some easy snack recipes you should not miss.

  • Love Honey? Try These 5 Easy Ways To Include It In Your Everyday Cooking

    Naturally sweet and incredibly nutritious, honey is cherished by both kids and adults. Here are five simple ways to incorporate it into your daily meals.

  • 8 Mouth-Watering Desi Italian Dishes That Are Totally Worth the Hype

    Have you heard of these fusion meals incorporating desi culture and Italian cuisine? Check out these delectable dishes that will surely impress your palate.

  • 10 South Indian Potato Recipes | Easy South Indian Recipes With Potato

    South Indian Recipes: Enjoy South Indian flavours combined with the yumminess of potatoes with the help of these easy recipes.

  • Malli Pongal Recipe: A Delicious Twist To A South Indian Breakfast Staple You Just Can't Resist

    Malli Pongal is a delicious twist on classic Pongal, making it a perfect choice for breakfast, a light snack, or a light dinner.

  • Love Magnum Ice Cream? Now Recreate A Healthier Version With This Guilt-Free Recipe

    Healthy Ice Cream Recipe: If you're a fan of Magnum, this easy, nutritious alternative lets you indulge without the guilt.

  • 5 Tips To Make Perfect Gobhi Manchurian At Home

    Gobhi Manchurian is a delicious Indo-Chinese dish that is loved by many. Read on to know what tips you should keep in mind before cooking this tasty dish at home!

  • Butter Chicken Fan? Skip The Usual Rice-Roti Pairing And Try These 5 Mind-Blowing Butter Chicken Dishes

    Butter Chicken makes everything better. Read on to discover a variety of delicious dishes, all of which have one yummy thing in common - Butter Chicken!

  • Move Over Regular Pav Bhaji, Try This Surat-Special Green Pav Bhaji For Lunch Today

    Pav Bhaji Recipe: Are you looking for something unique to prepare for dinner? This green pav bhaji recipe is sure to impress your taste buds.

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