Kitchen Tips: 5 Storage Containers You Must Have In Kitchen To Avoid Spoilage


Do you ever feel like you're playing a game of Building Blocks when trying to fit all your food containers in the fridge or kitchen cabinets? Well, fear not! I'm here to help you level up your container game.

Kitchen Tips: 5 Storage Containers You Must Have In Kitchen To Avoid Spoilage
Good quality containers should be used for storing food.


  • We need variety of containers to store food in kitchen and fridge.
  • These should be bought in different sizes.
  • Here are 5 basic containers one should have in their kitchen.

Keeping stocks of food can be problematic. Many of us don't have enough space for storing containers in our kitchen cabinets and fridge, which can lead to cluttered cabinets. I'm sure most of you have faced this problem, where you want to take out a specific jar, but reaching it seems like a struggle. This is why it's essential to have containers of different sizes in your kitchen. From small to big, all containers are required to store food items. The key is to not have all one-sized containers, especially big ones, as they end up taking up a lot of space. Find out what are the five kinds of containers that will save space in your kitchen and refrigerator.

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How Can You Choose the Right Containers for Your Kitchen?

Planning on buying a new set of containers for your kitchen? These tips will help you invest in the right ones. Before heading to the market, make sure to look around your kitchen, including cabinets, kitchen slab, and fridge. Checking where the containers have to be placed is the first and most important step. Next, you can buy containers of your choice; they could be transparent or non-transparent. Ensure that you choose durable materials that are long-lasting. Glass containers are good but easily breakable, so handle them with care. These tips will be of great help when purchasing containers.

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Five Kitchen Containers You Must Have

1. Stainless Steel Containers

Stainless steel storage containers are ideal for use in the kitchen because stainless steel doesn't react with any food. Compared to other containers, these are stronger and more durable. They are best for storing leftover food, ghee, oil, etc. For someone who is not good with breakable containers made of glass, switching to stainless steel containers would be a good choice.


Stainless Steel containers are strong and durable. Photo Credit: istock

2. Glass Containers

Glass containers are fancy and easily available in any store. They look fancy and are multipurpose. Most glass containers are designed to endure intense temperatures, which helps prevent them from breaking in high temperatures. You can use them in microwaves or ovens for heating and baking food. Additionally, they can easily be stored in the refrigerator without taking up much space.


Store cooked food in glass containers and keep them in fridge. Photo Credit: istock

3. Plastic Containers

Plastic containers are lightweight and easy to handle. Moreover, they don't react with any food items, making them a good storage container option. They can be best used for storing spices. Get transparent, small, and medium-sized containers for spices as you will be able to see the masalas easily.


Plastic containers are easily available in any market. Photo Credit: istock

4. Ceramic Containers

Ceramic containers give a traditional and classy look. They are not only aesthetic for your kitchen shelf but also good for storing food. Ceramic containers are made of natural minerals and do not have any chemical or synthetic coating on them. Dry foods like biscuits are best stored in ceramic or glass as they have a longer shelf life. Additionally, they are good for storing pickles (achaar).


For years traditional ceramic jars have been used in Indian kitchen to store achaar. Photo Credit: istock

5. Canisters

Years back, we did not have fancy glass and ceramic containers, so what was used to store food were canisters. These containers are cylindrical in shape and have enough space to store a larger quantity of food. Canisters are best used to store rice, flour, and pulses, which are in large quantities.

These are more suitable for storing rice and flour. Photo Credit: istock

Hope you found these storing container options helpful. Do let us know in the comment section.

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