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  • How to Keep Greens Fresh | Kitchen tips

    As Tesco reveals that 65% of its bagged salads end up in the bins, is it time to rethink how you treat them? Jane Hornby explains how to get the best from your leafy greensHow ...

  • What food freezes well and what doesn't | kitchen tips

    Is your freezer stocked with lovingly labelled leftovers, or a frozen wasteland? Here are some ideas to make your freezer work for youAs the food waste debate continues, how much frozen food is binned due ...

  • Store cupboard swaps - kitchen tips for busy cooks

    Run out of rice? Can't even find freekeh? No problem - there are all sorts of easy ingredient substitutions to make your recipes more flexible - and your shopping lists shorterHere for store cupboard we'll ...

  • Ten kitchen tips every cook should know

    Browning meat is important, white sugar is boring - and don't get hung up on cooking temperatures. The Guardian's food writer Felicity Cloake shares the lessons she has learned the hard wayNo wonder I can't ...

  • How to make fluffy sponge | Kitchen tips

    Melting, rubbing in, whisking... sponge can start life in many guises. Here is the secret to making a basic fluffy sponge without reaching for a packetFor many of us, "creamed" cakes are where our cakey ...

  • How to handle shellfish | Kitchen tips

    Don't fear the briny crustacea: follow a few basic rules and you'll be shucking oysters and peeling prawns with panacheThe term "shellfish" covers an ocean's-worth of molluscs and crustacea, so for brevity's sake I've chosen ...

  • Kitchen Hacks 101: These Quick Tricks Will Make Your Life So Much Simpler

    From reheating pizza to chilling drinks faster, we have the solution for all your quandaries. Yes, its true these easy kitchen hacks will make your life so much simpler.

  • Kitchen Hack: How to Chill Drinks Faster

    Watch and learn how to instantly chill that precious bottle of wine or beer with this foolproof trick. All you need is a wet paper towel, yes this life changing kitchen hack is that simple.

  • Kitchen Hack: How to Prevent Fruits from Turning Brown

    This clever kitchen hack will prevent your fruits from browning. Watch the video to believe it.

  • How to Clean Your Kitchen: 7 Natural Ways

    Want to learn how to clean kitchen? We've listed 7 natural ways to clean your kitchen sans the toxins and carcinogens. These au naturel cleaning products work wonders no doubt, but will also help you ...