Viral Video Shows Making Of 'Chocolate Coke,' Here's Why The Internet Is Relieved


A video showing the making of "chocolate coke" has gone viral, but the internet is not put off by it. Find out why.

Viral Video Shows Making Of 'Chocolate Coke,' Here's Why The Internet Is Relieved
A viral video shows the making of "chocolate coke" - but it's not what you may think


  • We often come across bizarre food creations online
  • A recent viral video shows the making of "chocolate coke"
  • Watch it here and read how people reacted

The internet is constantly serving up new food experiments that quickly go viral, amassing millions of views. What's equally intriguing is the strong reactions these unconventional culinary creations spark, such as bhindi paratha, mouth freshener dosa, rooh afza tea, and chocolate gol gappe. As a result, social media users have come to expect many food-related videos to deal with such bizarre combinations. An Instagram reel showing the making of "chocolate coke" has been making the rounds online. The name might make your inner food enthusiast cringe. However, the reality is quite different from what you might initially imagine.
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The video begins with a man emptying a bottle of Coca-Cola into a bowl and then setting both aside. Next, he grabs three large bars of bitter chocolate and carefully chops them into small pieces. Using the double boiler method, he melts the chocolate until he gets a thin, smooth consistency. He then cuts the empty plastic in half after removing the label. He proceeds the coat the inner surface of both halves with the melted chocolate. He goes on to fill them with a combination of cream and colourful chocolate gems. Both filled halves of the bottle are then refrigerated. After everything is frozen solid, he skillfully employs a blade to slice the bottle, revealing a chocolate creation that remarkably resembles a classic Coke bottle. To add the finishing touches, he wraps it in a Coke wrapper and caps it off before savouring the chocolatey treat. Take a look at the video below:

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The video has received over 17 million views so far. There were thousands of comments, many of which were by food lovers initially left concerned by the caption “Chocolate Coke”.

A user commented, “Thank God. He doesn't mix the chocolate with Coke!”
Another user added, “Got a mini heart attack that he will mix the chocolate in Coca-Cola.”
Someone wrote, “Literally was waiting to see that awkward moment where he mixes coke with chocolate. Thank God he didn't!”
“Coca-Cola's CEO wants to know your location”, read a hilarious comment.
An Instagram user penned, “I was about to unfollow you when showed chocolates after cola.”
A person named this innovation by writing, “It is called CHOCA CHOLA”.

What do you think about this chocolatey creation? Tell us in the comments.
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