6 Weekend Kitchen Rituals That Will Help You Cook Fuss-Free Throughout The Week


We bring you some easy steps that you may consider following durig the weekends to make your weekday cooking sessions easy and fuss-free.

6 Weekend Kitchen Rituals That Will Help You Cook Fuss-Free Throughout The Week
An organised kitchen helps you do your daily chores


  • Cooking during the weekdays can be overwhelming.
  • We bring you some easy ways to make the process easy.
  • All you need to do is spend an hour or two during the weekends.

What do you usually do over the weekends? Most of you will say sit back and relax, and we totally vibe with you. But did you know that spending an hour or two to sort out some basic chores can help you enjoy a fuss-free week? That's right! Take your kitchen chores, for instance. Cooking, cleaning, and organizing your kitchen every day during the week can be overwhelming, making you feel like giving up on the fuss altogether. Unfortunately, that's practically not possible because we need food to keep going every day. So, what's the next best solution to this universal problem? If you ask for our suggestion, then stay back and read through this article. Here, we have laid out an easy weekend ritual for your kitchen that will make your life simpler during the busy week. Let us take you through it.
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Here are 6 Weekend Rituals to Make Your Daily Kitchen Chores Easier:

1. Plan your meals:

It is important to start with a proper plan of action in hand. Write down the meal plan for the whole week in detail to proceed with your work constructively. This will also help you with your grocery shopping.

2. Do the grocery shopping as per your plan:

Many of us do our weekly grocery shopping over the weekends. Having a proper meal plan in hand will help you choose and pick the right ingredients, and it will also help you avoid waste.


3. Reorganize your kitchen:

Scan through your kitchen space and reorganize the spices and utensils according to your meal plan. This will help you find things quickly, especially when you are in a rush.

4. Declutter the refrigerator:

In addition to the kitchen, it is equally important to clean and organize your refrigerator. We suggest cleaning, sorting, and storing the groceries in the fridge based on priority. You can also prepare some foods in large batches and store them for whenever you need them.


5. Do some mise-en-place:

Let's all agree that preparation takes more time than cooking. Hence, it is always better to take care of some basics beforehand. For instance, clean the vegetables, fish, and meat and store them properly to save time while cooking. You can also prepare some masalas like ginger paste, garlic paste, etc., beforehand and store them in the refrigerator.

6. Do a deep cleaning:

Cleaning your kitchen space is equally important and time-consuming. While we dispose of the garbage and clean the countertop daily, one must also do a deep cleaning to remove debris and dust from the hidden corners of the cabinets. For the unversed, this debris, if not attended to in time, become breeding grounds for germs, which can further affect our overall health. Hence, we suggest allocating some time every weekend to deep clean your kitchen and keep it safe and hygienic for cooking.
Follow these cooking rituals and enjoy a healthy kitchen throughout the week. And if you have any other kitchen rituals that you follow during the weekends, please share them with us in the comments section below.
Enjoy your weekend!


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