5 Popular Breakfast Meals You Thought Were Healthy But Aren't


Weight Loss diet: Here are some popular breakfast foods that you must stop eating now to lose weight healthily.

5 Popular Breakfast Meals You Thought Were Healthy But Aren't


  • Breakfast menu should be planned carefully.
  • There are many meals that we think are healthy but we may be wrong.
  • Here are some meals you may want to stop eating for breakfast.

When we embark on a weight loss journey, we come across a plethora of healthy food options which we blindly include in our diet. In spite of thinking we are eating all healthy, we often don't see our weighing scales tipping. That could be because what you're thinking is good diet may not be so good, after all. Breakfast diet can be really tricky. There are so many meals deemed healthy without considering the negative effects they might have on our bodies. You'll be surprised to see some of your favourite meals falling in this category. Here are some popular breakfast foods that you must stop eating now to lose weight healthily. 

In an eye-opening Instagram post, nutritionist Prachi Shah revealed some breakfast meals that we thought were healthy but actually aren't.  

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Here're 5 Healthy Breakfasts That Are Not So Healthy For Weight Loss: 


Cornflakes paired with milk seems like the ideal breakfast option. But you should know that when sugar is added to sweeten it, it turs into a weight loss fail. 

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Breakfast cereals may not be too good for health. 

2. Waffles 

Even if you choose to go for savoury waffles that eliminate sugar, the maida in the food makes it harder to digest and . 


3. Flavoured Yogurt 

That bowl of flavoured yogurt you got from the store contain preservatives and flavouring agents that are not good for your health. 

4. Sandwich/Toast 

If you are putting layers of butter or mayonnaise on your bread, even if you are using whole wheat bread, you are inviting more fats into your system. 


5. Granola Bars 

Store-bought granola bars may contain preservatives, artificial flavours and colours that may play havoc on your weight loss diet. 

Home-made granola bars are better than store-bought ones. 


Prachi Shah also adds, "Breakfast options like cornflakes, breads, bagels, flavoured yogurts, pre-made smoothies scream unhealthy as they're high in sugars (glucose & fructose). These when eaten in big portions or in high frequency leads to sugar & insulin spikes that gets you hungry in no time and also affects the glucose metabolism chain. The more we consume such breakfast options, it interferes with our circadian rhythm and increases the risk of encountering commonly occurring metabolic disorders." 

In light of the above information, we suggest you to always plan your menu with discretion. Choose homemade foods instead of store-bought ones. Make fresh smoothies, and make your own granola bars and yogurt minus sweeteners. Instead, use dates and fruits to sweeten your breakfast meal. And keep the carb intake on the lower side. Here is a list of some healthy breakfast options you can include in your weight loss diet.  

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