Aloo Tikki + Bread = Perfection! Try This Must-Have Sandwich Recipe!


Not sure what to do with extra aloo tikki? Make a tasty sandwich with them and share the goodness with your loved ones.

Aloo Tikki + Bread = Perfection! Try This Must-Have Sandwich Recipe!
Pair this delicious aloo tikki sandwich with chutney to savour its flavour.


  • Sandwiches are one of the most popular go-to snacks.
  • Try this yummy aloo tikki sandwich for your weekend indulgence.
  • The crispiness of the aloo tikki inside is irresistible.

For foodies like us, cooking is therapeutic. But unfortunately, we hardly get time to spend in the kitchen during the weekdays. This is why, we love seizing the opportunity over the weekends and going as creative as we want with various types of recipes. From trying our hands on global cuisine to making our own version of fusion foods, we get rooms to experiment with the ingredients in hand. Not that we are claiming that we succeed with our dishes every single time, but the process of creating something new gives us immense joy and peace of mind. If you are like us, then you surely have started looking for ideas for your culinary experimentations this weekend. Did we guess it right? If yes, then stay back and go through the article as we are about to share with you one of our recent experimentations that turned out to be a hit among our friends and family. It's a delicious aloo tikki sandwich. 
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About Aloo Tikki Sandwich: 

The idea of an aloo tikki sandwich came to us seeing the extra aloo tikki in the refrigerator. After all, you can hardly go wrong with a sandwich. It is a universal staple that can be made with anything and everything you have in store. Here, you have to prepare crispy aloo tikkis and press it between two slices of bread and enjoy. To spice things up, we also used the chutneys as spread on the two bread slices and sprinkled some sev for added crunch. You can also grill the sandwich if you don't like raw bread. The dish sounds quite indulgent, isn't it? So, without wasting much time, let's take you through the recipe. 

How To Make Aloo Tikki Sandwich: 

Although we first made it with leftover aloo tikki, you can always prepare them fresh just for the sandwich. We will demonstrate the recipe in two segments - first, we will show how aloo tikka is made, then we will teach you how to turn it into a sandwich. 
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Aloo Tikki Recipe: 

Start with dry roasting coriander seeds, pepper and cumin and grinding them into masala. Then mash boiled potatoes in a bowl and mix peas, ginger paste, onion, green chilli, roasted masala, salt and red chilli powder in the aloo and mix everything well. Add some oil to make it moist. Now, divide the dough into small balls and sprinkle some flour onto them. Finally, shallow fry the tikkis and add to the sandwich. Click here for the detailed recipe. 

Aloo Tikki Sandwich Recipe: 

All you need to do is, spread chutneys on the breads, add the tikka inside, sprinkle some sev, chopped onion and chaat masala and press. You can either have it as is, or toast on a pan to a crunchy texture.


Are you convinced with this unique desi-style sandwich recipe? So, what are you waiting for? Make it today and surprise your close ones with a scrumptious snack.  

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