Creamy Yet Healthy Sweet Corn Soup Recipe - Perfect Monsoon Meal


Sweet corn soup is a popular choice among soup lovers. We have a recipe that makes creamy, healthy and delicious soup

Creamy Yet Healthy Sweet Corn Soup Recipe - Perfect Monsoon Meal
Sweet corn soup is a must-try in monsoon.


  • A warm soup is the best meal during the rainy season.
  • Sweet corn soup gives us taste plus health in a bowl.
  • Make this tasty creamy sweet corn soup to enjoy the rains.

As the monsoon season sweeps across the country, there's nothing quite like a comforting bowl of soup to warm your soul. And what better way to embrace the rainy days than with a delectable and nourishing sweet corn soup? Bursting with flavours and loaded with nutrients, sweet corn soup is an ideal choice to indulge in during this wet and cosy season. We have a recipe that makes creamy sweet corn soup that is healthy too. Enjoy the beautiful showers with a delicious bowl of soup, guilt-free. 

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Is Sweet Corn Soup Good For You? 

It offers many health benefits: 

Sweet corn, with its vibrant yellow kernels, is not only a treat for the eyes but also a powerhouse of health benefits. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre, sweet corn helps boost immunity and promote digestive health. It is also a good source of antioxidants, making it an excellent addition to your monsoon diet for boosting immunity.  

Provides comfort in every sip:

When the raindrops pitter-patter against your windows, a bowl of sweet corn soup brings a sense of comfort like no other. The creamy texture, combined with the natural sweetness of the corn, creates a warm and soothing experience. Each spoonful offers a velvety richness that instantly warms you up from the inside out, providing solace on gloomy days. 

It's light and satisfying 

Monsoon cravings often lead us to indulge in rich and heavy foods. However, sweet corn soup provides a healthier alternative that satisfies your taste buds without weighing you down. It is a light yet filling option, making it an excellent choice for a nourishing meal during the rainy season. Enjoy it as a starter or pair it with a salad or crusty bread for a wholesome dinner. 


Sweet corn can be fashioned into various recipes.
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What is sweet corn soup made of? 

The natural sweetness of the corn kernels takes centre stage in this soup. It is enhanced by complementary flavours of aromatic spices like ginger and garlic and a hint of tanginess from vinegar and soy sauce. To make it creamy, it is best to blend boiled corn to make a puree. You can add veggies like beans and carrots to bring in a variety of flavours and textures.  


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Sweet Corn Soup Recipe | How To Make The Best Sweet Corn Soup

This delightful dish is quick and easy to prepare, perfect for those times when you crave something comforting but lack the time or energy for elaborate cooking. With just a few simple ingredients and minimal cooking time, you can have a delightful homemade soup ready to be savoured in no time. Chef Saloni Kukreja shared an easy recipe on her Instagram handle and we are going to give it a try this season.  


Start by boiling sweet corn or pressure cook it. Then cut the kernels and puree half of them with water. Saute some oil and butter in a pan and add chopped garlic, ginger and green onion bulb. Add chopped carrots and French beans. Pour the corn puree and throw in a stock cube and some water to your desired consistency. Season with salt and white pepper and simmer to cook. Then add the cornstarch slurry and whole corn kernels, a dash of vinegar, black pepper and green onion leaves. Soon for a few minutes more and garnish with soy sauce, chilli sauce and green onions.  


Embrace the magic of monsoon with a bowl of sweet corn soup that will warm your heart and tantalise your taste buds. Indulge in its comforting flavours, revel in its health benefits, and let it be your companion during rainy days.  

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