Chef Kunal Kapur Tells Us The Right Way To Include Superfoods In Soups

Soup have been always considered healthy and nutritious. with the help of these superfoods you can make your soup even more healthy and filling.

Chef Kunal Kapur  |  Updated: January 20, 2020 14:42 IST

Chef Kunal Kapur Tells Us The Right Way To Include Superfoods In Soups

Winters are also a time where our activities are minimal.

  • Soups are low in calorie making them fit for any type of diet plan
  • Soups have huge amounts of nutrients which makes them very healthy
  • Superfoods Soups are highly nutritious making them extremely healthy

As we are in the midst of the winters, we all have a tendency to put on some weight given our body tends to ask for more food. But after the winters are gone, the biggest challenge comes in losing all that extra weight. Winters are also a time where our activities are minimal. Less of outdoors and more of sitting indoors inside the warm quilt has long term negative health effects. 

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8d7p4q6oWorking out in winters can be tough even if it's necessary 

Hence, one of the best ways to beat the winter blues is going 'Soup-a-holic' to keep you warm and agile. Soup-a-holic or simply having soup meals is an excellent way to nourish your body. Not only is it easy to make but also there are many healthy fruits and vegetables available making soups a go-to option for those looking for something healthy and tempting. And what's more? Soups have lower calorie content and make a nutritious and filling meal. They are best because of their stimulating qualities and they also help restore the necessary water balance, keeping our blood pressure and salts balanced.


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0eabh22gSoup are a great source of nutrients and are also low calorie 

Speaking about healthy nutritious meals, we cannot ignore the entire craze of superfoods. Moving beyond just a marketing buzzword to a deeper understanding, the Oxford Dictionary denotes 'superfood' as a "a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being". For those seeking to elevate to a healthy regimen, the very notion of a superfood can be a tempting aspect as we imagine these powerful foods to have special superpowers for weight management and healing abilities. Now for those wanting to upgrade their nutritional intake, help is at hand and these superfoods can surely give you your returns on the health investment. It is important to add superfoods to bring about goodness to your food and an array of health benefits, helping you stay fit and strong.

Superfoods You Can Add To Your Soup 

Superfoods are all around us but we seldom take note of them. Incorporating superfoods into your bowl of soup can make your meal loaded in nutrition with antioxidant properties and low amount of calories. Some of the popular choices of superfoods to consider are Quinoa, Moringa, Buckwheat, Amaranth and Turmeric. Quinoa is the supergrain that offers a double punch of fiber and protein, it is also gluten-free. Amaranth too is a Gluten free source of protein and rich in iron. Moringa, on the other hand, is the miracle (drumstick) tree that has detoxifying powers. Buckwheat, amaranth and turmeric also make for an excellent combination of health and taste.

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winter super foodsSuper are foods rich in nutrients and fiber 

Soups can substitute our entire meal without losing out on many nutrition values. We generally try to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day but it becomes difficult to eat all five. A bowl of soup is one excellent way to make sure you are getting at least two of those portions. At a time where foods with a high-energy density and low-nutrient density such as white bread, snack foods, sugar-based drinks and high-fat fast foods dominate our intake, a low-calorie option that fills us up is a much better choice for optimal health. Soups, therefore, can be consumed at different points during the day from 11am to 7pm, it seen as a healthy snacking option which can also double as a full meal. 

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Superfoods soup are highly nutritious and keep you full for longer

Here are few tips we can keep in mind on how to make a delicious and healthy soup

- Start with the main liquid ingredient: Soups are mostly water but you could also use a stock, milk or broth to get the texture and flavors you require. When making a cream based soup, ensure that you use fresh dairy products.

- Add the vegetables of your choice. Soups offer you enough room to experiment. 

- Ensure to health up your soup with superfoods that are readily available in the market like Moringa, Quinoa, Amaranth etc. 

- Use the right equipment. You need is a heat-proof vessel and you're good to go

- Add some fresh herbs towards the end. This will increase the flavors and aroma giving you the perfect soup.

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