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  • Egg-stacy

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    Eggs provide high quality protein and are low in calories. Make them part of your everyday food. Come on, get cracking!

  • Egg-stacy

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    Eggs cooked with tomatoes, spices and seasoning. Serve the Tomato Egg Curry with bread or rice.

  • Egg-stacy

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    Flavors of tomato, tamarind and lemon spread on boiled eggs making it a tangy egg chaat.

  • Egg-stacy

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    Egg Masala: Boiled eggs cooked in varied spices and masalas.

  • Egg-stacy

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    Egg Fried Rice: A quick and easy recipe to satisfy those hunger pangs, here's for you a rice dish with the goodness of eggs.

  • Egg-stacy

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    The classic breakfast option, French Toast only this time it is sweetened with castor sugar, sweet lime and orange juice.

  • Egg-stacy

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    Cheese Omelette: A cheesy surprise to the eternal omelette, this recipe is for keeps.

  • Egg-stacy

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    Stuffed Egg: Eggs stuffed with a mixture of masalas, curd, nuts, cheese and tamarind paste, dipped in batter and fried crisp.

  • Egg-stacy

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    Tuna Stuffed Eggs: Eggs stuffed with tuna mixture, served with tomato mayo and bread.