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  • What Your Eating Habits Reveal About Your Personality

    How you eat and approach food can say a lot about your inner traits. Want to find out? Read on!

  • 5 Signs You Love Chhole Bhature More Than Anything In This World

    Only a true chhole bhature lover can relate to the signs in this article. Can you?

  • What Your Favourite Ice Cream Flavour Says About Your Personality

    Are you a chocolate ice cream person or a strawberry ice cream fan? Turns out your favourite scoop of ice cream can give an inside scoop of your personality.

  • What Your Favorite Indian Street Food Says About Your Personality

    If your personality resembles any Indian street food, you are likely already everyone's favourite. Read on to discover which street food aligns with your personality.

  • 5 Tricks To Stay A Forever Messy Eater And Still Save Your Favourite White Shirt

    Wearing white clothes while eating is a challenging task. If you have lost count of the number of white shirts you have wasted with stains, here are 5 oh-so-helpful tricks to save ...

  • 5 Signs You May Be Brilliant At Everything But Are A Terrible Cook

    Cooking is a life skill but also a work of art and science. Here are some signs you will fail a cooking test if you ever dare to take one.

  • What Your Favourite Alcoholic Drink Says About Your Personality

    Are you classy or chill? Find out your personality through your favourite alcoholic drink.

  • Author Krish Ashok Explains “Indian Food Terms” In An Oh-So-Relatable Manner

    Author Krish Ashok recently shared an Instagram video, highlighting various food-related terms commonly used in India.

  • 8 Kinds Of Annoying People We All Encounter At Restaurants

    A visit to a restaurant is rejuvenating. But these classic annoying people are everywhere.

  • Hilarious! Theatre Employee Shares How People Sneak Food Into The Movies

    This Reddit post got us curious to find out what other tricks people use to bring their own food to the theatres.

  • 'Volcano Gol Gappa' Is The Latest Viral Street Food And Desi Internet Is Impressed

    We have found another mind-bending gol gappa invention, and this gol gappa has been gaining a lot of buzz on social media, so much so that it has gone viral!

  • Viral Video: Man's 'Unnecessary Invention' Called 'The Food Funnel' Has Attracted Foodies

    This foodie invention has gone viral with the video garnering 19.2 million views and around 698k likes!

  • Sharma Ji's Samosa "Khate Khate Orgasm Ho Jaye", Says Indian Restaurant In Switzerland

    While Indians know how delicious samosa is, foreigners may not know how it tastes, therefore, to entice people, Indians have to think of catchy and witty lines to convince them into trying ...

  • Viral Video: Woman Finds The Smallest Blender, Prepares Latte In It

    If you've only ever seen those hefty and heavy blenders in your kitchen, this product might look like a cartoonish miniature version of the same to you.

  • Customer's Long List Of Food Allergies Shocks Restaurant, Reddit Says 'Stay Home'

    A customer shared a long list of food allergies with a restaurant. The post got Reddit in splits.

  • Watch: Famous American YouTuber Made Maggi, Indian Kid Teaches How To Do It Right

    YouTube star Lisa Nguyen once made Maggi, the recipe of which did not sit right with an Indian kid. Instead of letting it go, he teaches her how to make it his ...

  • Wait, What? Thieves Steal Cheese Worth 21,000 Euros In Daring Heist

    In recent news, thieves made off with 161 cheese wheels that costed approximately 21,000 Euros or Rs. 17.33 lakhs.

  • "Oh Crumbs!" Truck Spills Biscuits On The Road; Starts Hilarious Pun Battle On Twitter

    A truck of McVities biscuits had an incident as loads of the product were dismantled from the truck and all over the road, creating a sea of red!

  • Lay's Pakistan Introduces 'Jalebi Flavoured' Chips; Pulls The Best Prank Ever

    Official Lay's Pakistan page caused a stir on the internet with its brand new 'Jalebi Lays'. Before you lose your cool, check out the reason behind it.

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