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Room For Mushrooms

  • Room For Mushrooms

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    Excerpt from the poem: Mushrooms

    Little or nothing.
    So many of us!
    So many of us!

    We are shelves, we are
    Tables, we are meek,
    We are edible,

    Nudgers and shovers
    In spite of ourselves.
    Our kind multiplies:

    We shall by morning
    Inherit the earth.
    Our foot's in the door.

    -Sylvia Plath

  • Room For Mushrooms

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    Spicy and tangy mushrooms cooked in a gravy made with tamarind extract, coconut and chillies.Mushroom Chettinad can be served with rotis or rice.

  • Room For Mushrooms

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    Mushroom Masala Toast: Mushroom masala spread over bread with grated cheese and baked.

  • Room For Mushrooms

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    Mushroom Bread with a Mushroom Ragout: Delicious mushroom mixture smeared on bread, sprinkled with cheese and baked crisp.

  • Room For Mushrooms

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    Stuffed Masala Mushrooms: Mushroom mixture stuffed into mushroom caps with cheese and baked perfect.

  • Room For Mushrooms

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    Mushroom Samosa: The classic Indian snack with a twist. Mushrooms replace the good old potato filling in this version of the samosa.