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Chakhle Academy

'Chakhle Academy' - 61 Recipe Result(s)

  • Dalma


    Split chick peas cooked with raw papaya, potatoes and masalas.

  • Kashmiri Saag

    Kashmiri Saag

    Spinach (saag) cooked Kashmiri style, in mustard oil and spiced mildly.

  • Prawn Rava Fry

    Prawn Rava Fry

    Prawns marinated, coated in bread crumbs and fried crisp.

  • Santula


    Potatoes, raw papaya and brinjals cooked in milk, chillies and masalas. Santula is a very popular vegetable dish of Orrisa.

  • Thechwani


    The Thechwani Recipe come originally from Garhwal. Potatoes and radish root (pahari mula) are cooked in varied masalas and chillies. The radish root or the potatos are never cut, but crushed into pieces in this ...

  • Doodhi ka Halwa

    Doodhi ka Halwa

    A very simple halwa made from dhoodi, soy milk and garnished with pistachios.

  • Paneer Toasty with Salsa

    Paneer Toasty with Salsa

    Cottage cheese mixture stuffed between bread and toasted. Served with a tangy salsa.

  • Bangda Masala Fry

    Bangda Masala Fry

    Bangda fish cooked Goan style in a spicy peri peri masala.

  • Bheja Masala Dry

    Bheja Masala Dry

    Goats brain cooked in masalas pahadi style.

  • Channa Chaat

    Channa Chaat

    A quick snack that is good for you. A healthy mix of channa, peas, potatoes, pomegranate, tomato, sesame and mild spices.