'Foodistan' - 73 Recipe Result(s)

  • Murg Palak Ke Korma Kebab

    Soft tikkis made of chicken mince, assorted masalas and spinach. Served with a sour-spicy yogurt chutney and sweet dates chutney.

  • Nihari Gosht with Varqi Paratha

    Slow cooked baby lamb shank in awadhi spices served with layered tawa parantha.

  • Putta Tikka

    Peshawari style mutton liver marinated in spices, wrapped in mutton fat and cooked on charcoal grill.

  • Samandari Khazana

    Prawns and fish are marinated in a host of spices, cream and flours, cooked perfect on charcoal.

  • Burosh Sapik

    A 700 year old traditional recipe from Hunza Valley in Pakistan, layers of paneer and chapati, served with mulberry chutney

  • Chicken Chaska From Gawal Mandi

    Chicken cooked in a luscious paste.

  • Chinioti Mutton Machhli

    Special occasion mutton curried with yoghurt, tomatoes and saffron

  • Dhoowan Gosht

    Cubes of lamb leg cooked in tomato, red chilli, turmeric and yoghurt.

  • Maaun Ke Machchey

    Infused with flavours, fish is wrapped in a banana leaf and served with freshly made potato pickle.

  • Multani Chaamp

    Lamb chops mixed in with a range of flavours, placed on skewers and grilled on charcoal.