5 Delhi-NCR Sweet Shops You Can't Miss This Monsoon For Irresistible Ghevar

Aug 08, 2023 18:35 IST
Monsoon and ghevar - a match made in sweet-tooth heaven! This Rajasthani delicacy has become a must-have during the rainy season, especially during festivals like Rakhi and Teej. Picture this: a batter of refined flour sizzling in pure desi ghee, creating a crispy and delightful treat. But wait, there's more! Ghevar isn't just a one-size-fits-all affair. From plain to malai to kesar, there's a ghevar for every craving. So, if you're ready to embark on a ghevar adventure, check out these five legendary spots in Delhi-NCR where you can get your hands on the most delicious ghevar ever:
  • Annakoot

    For all you vegetarian ghevar enthusiasts, Annakoot has got your back. They serve up Malai and Kesar Ghevar, prepared with the utmost devotion and pure desi ghee. With a price hovering around Rs. 600 per kilogram, this is a divine experience your taste buds won't want to miss.
  • Bengali Sweet House

    Central Delhi's Bengali Sweet House is no stranger to culinary excellence, and their ghevar is here to prove it. With a price of around Rs. 600 per kilogram, this ghevar will have you swooning from the first bite. From snacks to sweets, this iconic shop knows how to win hearts - one ghevar at a time.
  • Chaina Ram Sindhi Confectioners

    Tucked away in the charming streets of Chandni Chowk, Chaina Ram Sindhi Confectioners is a ghevar paradise. Their khoya ghevar is a crowd favourite, so good that you might want to gift it to your relatives (if you're willing to part with it!). But be ready to splurge a bit; these delectable delights come at a price tag of more than Rs. 600.
  • Nathu's

    For generations, Nathu has upheld a reputation for its exceptional quality sweets, evident through its widespread presence across numerous outlets. Indulge in a diverse selection, ranging from the classic plain to the delectable malai ghevar. The sweet shop offers different varieties of ghevar such as plain, malai, mawa, and kesar. Moreover, there are other mouth-watering options to try like kaju katli, sohan halwa, gujia, laddu, and more.
  • Kaleva

    Kaleva is more than just a sweet shop; it's a destination for all things delectable. Their ghevar is a seasonal sensation, available only upon special request during the monsoon. If you're on a quest for the most authentic ghevar experience, Kaleva is your ultimate stop.
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