Don't Leave Delhi Without Trying These 5 Lip-Smacking Street Foods

Mar 27, 2023 11:50 IST
If you're visiting Delhi, you must try its popular street foods. Delhi is known for its rich history and culture, but the food here is equally impressive. The city's street food is especially famous and not trying it would make your journey incomplete. In this list, we've included some of the most famous street foods that you must try at least once.
  • Momos

    Momos are a quintessential snack and are very popular among all age groups. You can easily find a momo cart selling steaming hot momos. The best thing about this snack is that there are many varieties available apart from the traditional veg, paneer, and chicken.
  • Chaat

    Delhi is famous for different kinds of chaat recipes. Sweet, spicy, and tangy flavours give it a unique twist. Aloo chaat, papdi chaat, dahi bhalle, and daulat ki chaat are all popular variations that are loved by people.
  • Matar Kulcha

    Matar Kulcha is a dish that Delhiites love to eat. You can find it everywhere, from roadside stalls to restaurants. It's a delicious combination of boiled matar tossed with lemon juice, chopped onion, green chillies and spices. Most importantly, it's a pocket-friendly item.
  • Ram Ladoo

    Ram Ladoo is another popular snack that everyone should try at least once. It's made from moong dal batter, and you can easily make it at home too. These fried roundels of moong dal balls are paired with green chutney and grated radish.
  • Chole Bhature

    We can never say no to delicious Chole Bhature. This classic dish is available everywhere and has a special place in people's hearts. The fluffy, deep-fried bhature paired with mouth-watering chole, onion, chutney, and green chilli pickle make it even tastier.
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