5 Key Tips To Make Street-Style Vada Pav

Jun 18, 2024 19:30 IST
Love vada pav? Recreating that street-style magic at home may not always be easy. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind.
  • Get the chutneys right

    The green chutney gives a refreshing burst of flavour, the imli chutney adds a sweet and tangy zing, and the dry garlic chutney brings the heat.
  • Use a thick batter

    The vadas are round balls of spiced mashed potatoes. Since they are rather heavy, they need to be properly coated with the besan batter before frying.
  • Allow the batter to rest

    Letting the besan batter rest improves its consistency. You can also mix very little oil (around 1 tsp) while making it to get a better texture.
  • Fry at right temperature

    Wait for the oil to become sufficiently hot before you pop the vadas in. If it's not hot enough, they might absorb too much oil and turn soggy.
  • Choose pav with care

    If possible, avoid mass-manufactured types that have a dense consistency. Opt for pav that is airily soft and freshly baked.
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