7 Popular Dosa Recipes To Satiate Your Cravings

Did you know, 'dosa' is listed on the World's 50 most delicious foods? A South Indian classic, dosa is ubiquitous in India. Just a bite of those thin, wafer-like crepes, loaded with flavouful masalas, satiate us to the core. Hence, we found 7 popular dosa recipes for you to try.
  • South Indian Recipes: 7 Popular Dosa Recipes To Satiate Your Cravings

    Crispy, paper-thin desi crepe, served with sambar and coconut chutney - dosa screams comfort. It is light, flavourful and makes for a wholesome meal anytime of the day. In India, people love eating dosa. So much so that the popularity of dosa breaks the barriers and goes beyond South Indian food culture. Today, dosa is a part of our regular diet and we love experimenting with the classic recipe to make it yet more interesting. Considering this, we handpicked few of our favourite variations that never fail to impress anyone. Let's take a look.(NDTV)
  • Masala Dosa

    A South Indian classic, masala dosa is lightly cooked potatoes with onions, spices, curry leaves and mustard seeds, wrapped in a crisp rice and lentil crepe.(NDTV)
  • Thattu Dosa

    Thattu dosa is a popular variety available on the streets of Kerala. The name is inspired by 'Thattu Kada', which means street-side eateries in Kerala. This dosa comes in a small size which fits into your palm, unlike the usual huge dosa.(NDTV)
  • Set Dosa

    This dosa is made without a drop of oil. Yes, you heard us. Set dosa is basically a super quick variation of the South Indian dish that eliminates the fuss of preparing dosa batter beforehand. You can quickly make the batter, just before preparing set dosa.(NDTV)
  • Egg Dosa

    Traditionally referred to as mutta dosai, it is a popular street food of South India. For the unversed, mutta stands for eggs. Here, the regular dosa batter gets a protein packed twist with the inclusion of eggs in it. You can also add onions and green chillies to jazz up the dish.(NDTV)
  • Chicken Dosa

    For all the chicken lovers, we found this amazing recipe that includes the best of both the worlds. Here, spicy chicken keema is stuffed in crispy crepe to give a burst of flavours to your palate. Chicken dosa is traditionally referred to as Madurai Kari Dosa.(NDTV)
  • Ragi Dosa

    Ragi is one of the ancients grains that are back in vogue. Hence, we find several experiments being done with ragi in the world of gastronomy. Considering this, we found this ragi dosa recipe that will load you up with several healthy nutrients, including protein and fibre.(NDTV)
  • Palak Dosa

    Another protein-packed dosa recipe, it makes for a nutritious, health-giving meal that you can have for breakfast, lunch or dinner. All you need to do is add spinach paste in the dosa batter - that's it.(NDTV)
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