Swap Your Regular Roti For These 5 Nutrient-packed Alternatives!

Nov 30, 2023 19:31 IST
A quintessential component of the Indian thali, roti often takes centre stage alongside pulses, vegetables, and rice. Recognized for its health benefits when crafted from wheat flour, roti contributes to sustained energy levels. However, we're here to introduce you to a variety of healthier and equally delectable alternatives. Explore these nutritious recipes that promise to elevate your dining experience.
  • Bajra Roti

    Jowar, a commendable grain in the realm of health, takes centre stage in this nutritious and spicy roti recipe. Complemented with onions, carrots, black pepper, and red chilli powder, this jowar roti pairs seamlessly with pulses and vegetables or stands alone as a flavorful, standalone dish. Click here for recipe
  • Jowar Roti

    Embraced especially during the winter season, bajra, a potent millet, boasts immunity-boosting properties. Crafting rotis from bajra flour entails kneading a soft dough with warm water, resulting in a wholesome and healthful alternative. Click here for recipe
  • Ragi Roti

    Rich in fibre, ragi offers a nutritious twist to your regular roti. The preparation mirrors that of traditional roti, with the addition of curry leaves, red chilli powder, and various spices enhancing its nutritional profile. Click here for recipe
  • Lauki Roti

    Harnessing the nutritional prowess of bottle gourd, this roti emerges as a delectable and low-calorie option. Boasting a dough amalgamation of lauki and flour, it earns the moniker "detox roti" due to its inherent health benefits. Click here for recipe
  • Oats Roti

    Unlocking a plethora of health benefits, oats have transcended their breakfast staple status. Now, you can incorporate their goodness into a scrumptious roti by combining oat flour and regular flour in equal proportions. These nutrition-packed rotis promise both health and taste. Click here for recipe
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