Odeon Gupta Paan In Delhi's Connaught Place

  • 2:11
  • Jun 15, 2021
Started in the year 1948, Odeon Gupta Paan is a famous paan shop right in front of Odeon Cinemas in Connaught Place. This paan shop not only serves the basic saada or meetha paan but many other flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch, mango, black currant and some unique ones such as Chocomoko Paan, Flirt Paan, Free-G Paan and Chipaas Paan. Ice Paan and Fire Paan are the two most famous creations of this paan shop. And interestingly, you don't eat these Ice and Fire Paan yourself, instead, the paanwala puts the entire thing in your mouth in one go.
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