Papaya Leaves

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  • Green Papaya Salad With Mango Dressing

    Strips of green papaya, cucumber and bell peppers soaked in flavours of lime and freshly made mango dressing.

  • Raw Papaya Salad

    Raw papaya salad is a popular oriental side. Strips of green papaya tossed with lime, chilly and peanuts.

  • Papaya Salad

    Sleek strips of raw papaya dressed in sweet and sour flavours of lime, jaggery, soy sauce and chillies. A salad that is sure to leave your taste buds tingling!

  • Raw Mango & Papaya Salad (My Yellow Table)

    Ready in a jiffy this healthy raw mango and papaya salad is loaded with distinct flavours - an absolute delight.

  • Murgh Mussallam

    Stuffed chicken recipe combining an array of flavors.

  • Raw Papaya Kebabs with Aloo Bhukhara Chutney

    Chef Kunal Kapur experiments with Indian food like never before. Raw papaya and potatoes are shredded and worked into delicate kebabs. These are teamed with delectable plum chutney laced with star anise and black pepper.

  • Grilled Peach and Papaya Salad with Amaranth Granola

    A delightful salad apt for those balmy sunday brunches.

  • Fruits with Silken Tofu

    Papaya, pear, apples and pineapple doused in a creamy tofu sauce. Topped with mint and cherries.

  • Lamb in Hot and Sour Sauce

    Decadently coated with papaya and masala mixture, juicy lamb is fried and served with potato sticks.

  • Vietnamese Rice Wraps

    Silky glass noodles are mixed in with radish, cucumber and carrots, and then rolled into the rice paper with ice berg lettuce and roasted peanuts.

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