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    • The Foodie Traveller On ... Singapore's Peranakan Cuisine

      At Candlenut restaurant, chef Malcolm Lee is preserving the deeply flavourful cooking of his ancestors long-ago immigrants from China to Singapore.

    • Top 10 Breakfast Spots in Paris

      Make the most of a romantic night out in Paris by following it with a great, late breakfast. And, as our selection shows, Parisians today are as likely to plump for an Anglo-American-style brunch as strong coffee and croissants.

    • Top 10 budget restaurants and bistros in Paris

      Paris is home to some of the world's finest - and priciest - restaurants. But a new breed of affordable places to eat means the budget traveller needn't feel hard done by. We pick 10 places where you can dine on excellent French cuisine for ...

    • Top 10 Restaurants in Marseille

      Marseille's modern food scene is one of the most exciting in France, with restaurants and bistros serving a diverse range of cuisines from around the Mediterranean.Marseille, where a good meal once meant pizza, bouillabaisse or fish, is suddenly coming...

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