5 Detox Diet Tips To Keep Up Your Health Before Festive Season

Sep 05, 2022 10:53 IST
Cleanse your body ahead of the festive season with some readily available remedy at home. But remember, you need to pair it up with healthy lifestyle.
  • 5 Detox Diet Tips To Keep Up Your Health Before Festive Season

    The festive season is here and we are celebrating different festivals back-to-back. Food plays a common role in every celebration; and inevitably, we go on a bingeing spree during this time of the year. This is why health experts suggest adapting a proper detox plan to prepare your body ahead of the festive season (and festive binge). We listed a few diet tips to look out for. But remember, moderation is the key.
  • Eating Habits

    Eat moderately and increase fresh (and seasonal) fruit and vegetable intake. And make sure to have a lot of vitamin C-rich foods.
  • Drinks

    Hydration is the key. Drink lot of water and include fluids like coconut water, buttermilk, lemonades and more. Also, you can go for herbal tea make with healthy herbs and spices.
  • Avoid Alcohol And Caffeinated Drinks

    Reduce consumption of alcohol and caffeinated drinks as much as possible. Instead, you can substitute it with healthy drinks and fruit juice.
  • Exercise

    Alongside a healthy detox plan, one needs to exercise too. You can try yoga or go for long walk to relieve stress and regulate metabolism.
  • Adequate Sleep

    Also remember, never underestimate the importance of a good night's sleep. It helps detoxify our body and freshen up our body. Hence, make sure you get enough sleep every night.
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