5 Easy And Healthy Poha Recipes To Kickstart Your Day

May 01, 2023 18:05 IST
Poha is a go-to breakfast for many of us, made with flattened rice, light spices, peanuts, and aromatic curry leaves. Poha is not only easy to make but it is also a healthy option. Many people start their morning with a delicious poha recipe because it keeps them full for longer. Despite being a Maharashtrian dish, it is very popular in different states of the country. You can find many amazing versions of it. Here we have curated a list of the best poha recipes, which can add variety to your breakfast.
  • Veggie Poha

    This is a popular version, and many people like to combine veggies like potatoes, peas, carrots, capsicum, and tomatoes. Some people add soya to make a protein-rich breakfast. You can also add veggies to this poha recipe too.
  • Fruit Poha

    Have you tried this interesting combination? You can add cranberries, strawberries, dates, apples, and pomegranates to your dish. This fruity poha gives a nice variety to your breakfast, and it is also good for kids.
  • Nutty Poha

    Give a nutty twist to your favourite poha recipe. Not just peanuts, you can use almonds, cashews, walnuts, and raisins to make them more nutritious. This nutty texture makes it healthier and tastier.
  • Bread Poha

    Bread poha can be a nice addition to your breakfast. Make delicious bread poha instead of bread butter. You can use white or brown bread to make this poha. Take oil in a pan, add some chopped onions and tomatoes, and some spices. Cut the bread into cubes and toss them well with the mixture.
  • Tangy Poha

    For those who like a tangy twist to their dish, this poha recipe is perfect. Add tomatoes and curd while making this poha, mix all the ingredients well, and finish it with a dash of lemon juice. The lemon will enhance the taste.
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