5 Flavourful Tadka To Amp Up A Bowl Of Humble Dal

Feb 20, 2023 16:05 IST
Dal is one of the most common dishes that we find in an Indian thali. It is usually paired with rice to make for a wholesome meal. Every region has their own different dal recipes. Have you ever wondered what makes the dal recipes so different from each other? The answer lies in the tadka added to a dal recipe. Here, we bring you different tadka options that are added to dal.
  • Kalonji Tadka

    This is a simple way to temper the dal. In this tadka, always use kalonji, whole red chillies, tomatoes and mustard oil. Kalonji tadka is majorly added to masoor dal.
  • Mustard Seed Tadka

    It is another simple tadka that gives a nice taste and texture to the dal. All you need is mustard seeds, whole red chilies and tamarind pulp (or lemon juice/amchoor).
  • Jeera Hing Tadka

    To prepare this tadka, all you need to do is to temper hing, cumin seeds and red chilli in a spoon of oil and add to the boiled dal. It can be added to any kind of dal, including masoor, moong, urad and arhar dal.
  • Dhaba Style Tadka

    Usually, this tadka use in dal fry recipe. Lots of ghee and butter, with garlic. ginger, onion, tomatoes and spices, it spells indulgence.
  • Sambar Dal Tadka

    Sambar has a huge fan base and we love to pair it with rice, vada, idli and dosa. We find many versions of this South Indian delicacy. Generally, we add mustard seeds, curry leaves, tamarind pulp and sambar masala and whole red chilli in the tadka to enhance the taste.
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