5 Genius Ways To Transform Leftover Curd (Dahi) Into Mouthwatering Indian Delights

Nov 01, 2023 17:39 IST
There's something truly magical about turning leftovers into culinary masterpieces, and curd (or dahi) is no exception. Often overlooked, this humble kitchen staple can be the secret ingredient to take your dishes from ordinary to extraordinary. From the tangy notes it adds to the softness it lends, leftover curd can elevate a variety of Indian dishes in ways you might not expect. Here are five brilliant ways to give your leftover dahi a delicious new lease on life. So, don't let that dahi go to waste - let it work its magic in your next kitchen experiment!
  • Dosa

    You can also use the leftover curd for delicious dosa batter. Just a little curd can create magic in the batter. An added benefit of adding curd to your dosa batter is that it adds sourness to the batter.
  • Dough

    Leftover curd is also used to produce yeast in the dough. Using leftover curd is also a great way to make the popular street food Chole Bhature. Instead of adding yeast to the flour, add the remaining curd, this will make your bhatura slightly sour and produce good yeast.
  • Dahi Wale Aloo

    Leftover curd is used in making most of the Rajasthani dishes. Apart from being used in dishes like gatte or papad ki sabzi, curd is also used to make delicious curd potatoes. Instead of cooking potatoes in tomato gravy, try this interesting recipe.
  • Kadhi

    Kadhi is a classic popular North Indian dish made using leftover curd. To make it, gram flour and curd are mixed together, and after cooking on low flame, a tadka of spices is added to make it flavourful. You can pair kadhi with rice or chapati.
  • Idli

    Idli is a popular South Indian dish, traditionally made with a batter of rice and urad dal. But to prepare many instant batters, you can make idli by mixing it with semolina or other ingredients. By adding leftover curd to the batter, the idli puffs up well when steamed.
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