5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

Oct 11, 2021 08:37 IST
Let's admit, coffee is the morning ritual for millions of people around the world. It fuels you with energy and helps kick-start the day. And if taken in right dose, coffee may have several health benefits too.
  • 5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

    Ask a coffee lover to define coffee, the only answer you will get is 'refreshing'. Coffee to most of us is the much-needed dose of energy that keeps up going for the whole day. From kick-starting the lazy mornings to uplifting mood amidst stress and workload - a hot cup of coffee is a trusted solution for all! Although coffee works as an instant energiser, the caffeine content in it is often criticised for leaving you dehydrated and leading to insomnia. But if taken in moderation, this same drink can help you regulate weight loss, metabolism and more. Let's take a look at all its health benefits.
  • Boost Mood

    As per a study, researchers say that coffee has been linked to a positive mental health. 'Regular coffee consumption is linked to more positive feelings like pleasure, kindness, affection, friendship, calm and greater happiness,' says Nabanita Saha, Chief Dietician at Manipal Hospitals, Old Airport Road.
  • Boost Heart Health

    One key antioxidant in coffee called Chlorogenic acid. It is a beneficial plant-based compound that is known to help reduce inflammation and promote heart health. Besides, it is also known to play a role in protecting against chronic diseases by reducing oxidative damage.
  • Manage Diabetes

    Several studies from across the world have found link between drinking coffee and lower blood sugar levels. According to a 2018 meta-analysis, drinking coffee can reduce chances of developing type 2-diabetes by 6% for each additional cup to be exact.
  • Boost Brain Health

    Studies suggest that coffee consumption can also help boost brain health and lower the risk of Parkinson's disease. Besides, health experts also suggest that coffee can help improve your memory and cognitive health, thanks to the antioxidant in it.
  • Improve Athlete Performance

    Did you know coffee might help you recover from a heavy workout and reduce muscle soreness? Coffee has been shown to improve athlete performance, including reducing pain and maybe allowing you to go a little bit harder, faster, and longer quality workout.
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