5 Healthy And Delicious Dosa Recipes Perfect For A Weight Loss Diet

May 02, 2023 16:34 IST
Dosa, the most loved South Indian dish, has taken the world by storm with its distinctive taste and versatility. From being a quick and filling breakfast option to being a savory dinner delicacy, dosa is a firm-favourite choice for many. But did you know that you can add humble dosa to your weight-loss diet? Yes, that's right! Prepared using rice and urad dal fermented batter, dosa is a great source of protein and essential nutrients. And the best part is that we have many variations of this dish that are not just delicious but are also healthy. So, if you're looking to add protein-rich recipes to your weight-loss diet, here are 5 dosa recipes that you must try.
  • Instant Oats Dosa

    This is a quick and easy recipe for mornings when you have less time. It is an instant dosa recipe, and you need oats, suji, and rice flour to make a batter. Add finely chopped onion and green chillies to it. Spread the batter on a non-stick tawa and prepare a crispy dosa for yourself.
  • Sprouts Dosa

    Normally, adding sprouts to your weight-loss diet can be monotonous, but you can give it a twist by making a delicious dosa with sprouts. This dosa is loaded with nutrition and is perfect for a healthy breakfast.
  • Bajra Dosa

    Bajra is a great option that can be used in many dishes. It is a gluten-free option for a South Indian breakfast. This millet dosa can be a nice choice for diabetics, and it just takes 20 minutes to cook.
  • Besan Dosa

    If you are looking for a simple recipe, then try this Besan dosa. You can make this dosa in a few minutes. As we know, besan is rich in fibre, and you can add veggies like spinach, fenugreek, and spring onion to make it filling.
  • Mix Dal Dosa

    This protein-rich dosa is made with a combination of green gram dal and black gram dal. The addition of peas and carrots raises its nutritional value. The best thing about this dosa recipe is that you can prepare it in under 10 minutes.
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