5 Home Remedies That Can Help To Relieve Gas Problems

Gas has become a common problem that many of us face. Try these home remedies for relief from acidity.
  • 5 Home Remedies That Can Help To Relieve Gas Problems

    Whenever we have our favourite food items in front of us, we can hardly control ourselves from overeating. And when that happens, acidity in our body also increases. The leading cause of acidity is when gastric glands secrete too many acids, resulting in gas, poor breath, stomach aches, and other symptoms. Since acidity has become a common problem that many of us face, we have developed many home remedies to get relief from it over the years. So, if you are also in search of the same, then check out these home remedies for gas.
  • Cumin Seeds

    Cumin seeds are an excellent acid reliever, digestive aid, and pain reliever. Lightly crush roasted cumin seeds and pour them into a glass of water after each meal, or soak one teaspoon in a cup of hot water and drink it.
  • Bananas

    Bananas have a lot of natural antacids, which can aid with acid reflux. This is the most simple method for decreasing acidity at home. In addition, you can avoid pain by eating one banana per day.
  • Basil Leaves

    The soothing and carminative properties of basil leaves may provide quick relief from acidity. Eat a few basil leaves or boil 3-4 basil leaves in a cup of water for a few minutes. You can consume it regularly.
  • Cinnamon

    This popular spice acts as a natural antacid and helps aid digestion and absorption, which can help relieve your stomach. Cinnamon tea could be used to treat infections in the gastrointestinal tract. Cinnamon is a nutrient powerhouse with many health benefits.
  • Buttermilk

    Lactic acid, found in buttermilk, helps to control gastric acidity. Add a pinch of black pepper or a teaspoon of ground coriander leaves for more flavour and drink so you can have some relief from acidity.
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