5 Mistakes To Avoid While Making Dhokla

Jul 10, 2024 17:57 IST
Planning to make dhokla? Wondering how to achieve that perfect fluffy texture? Learn how to avoid these five common mistakes to ensure your dhokla turns out soft and flavourful every time!
  • Not Using Enough Besan

    While making dhoklas, ensure you use a sufficient amount of besan. Insufficient besan can result in dhoklas lacking their distinct texture, ending up soggy.
  • Adding Too Much Water

    If you add too much water, the batter won't hold its shape, making your dhoklas soggy instead of fluffy. So, add only as much as required.
  • Not Allowing Batter To Ferment

    Letting the batter rest before pouring it into the steamer trays helps it aerate properly. A resting period of 8 to 10 minutes is good enough.
  • Adding Too Much Soda

    Adding soda to your dhokla batter is essential, but be cautious with the amount. Adding too much can make them taste bitter.
  • Steaming Time Is Not Right

    You must allow your dhoklas to steam properly. Rushing this step may lead to disappointment, as your dhoklas might end up undercooked.
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