5 of the best chicken snacks that can be prepared under 15 minutes

Mar 07, 2023 16:36 IST
If you ask any non-vegetarian about their preference, it will be chicken. There are many chicken recipes that no one resist. We can use chicken from snacks to main course. There are countless chicken dishes served at dinner parties. Chicken tikka, chicken lollipop and chicken kebab and more, you have tried these snacks so many times. Here we bring some quick and easy mouthwatering snack recipes that can be prepare under 15 minutes.
  • Chicken Masala Omelette

    Eggs are savior, it is perfect for breakfast or a scrumptious evening snack. Chicken masala omelette is a protein loaded recipe, chicken and eggs are good source of protein. Tiny chicken chunks give a nice texture to the omelette.
  • Chicken Bread Parcel

    This is a unique chicken recipe that can be perfect for anytime. Chicken bread parcel is a quick and easy recipe. In this recipe to first you need chicken sandwich coated with a yogurt slurry and fried it until crispy.
  • Creamy Buttermilk Chicken Salad

    Here we get creamy chicken salad recipe which is delicious and healthy too. This chicken salad is tossed with some herbs and butter milk dressing. You need grilled the chicken with perfection.
  • Chicken Pinwheel Sandwich

    Sandwich is a super easy and simple snack. This chicken sandwich need only 15 minutes. Chicken Pinwheel Sandwich brings a variety in your meal. We can make it with some basic ingredients.
  • Chicken Potato Kebab

    This delectable chicken kebab is perfect for anytime. In this kebab recipe chicken keema, potato mixture and spices give a nice taste. You can pair these kebabs with green chutney.
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