5 Refreshing Coconut Beverages For Summer

Jun 07, 2024 17:23 IST
Looking for the perfect way to stay cool and refreshed this summer? Try these refreshing coconut beverages below to elevate your summer hydration game.
  • Zesty Coconut Water

    Coconut water gets a zesty upgrade with our refreshing blend! It's the perfect way to stay refreshed and energized on sunny days.
  • Elaneer Milkshake

    Made with fresh tender coconut water and rich, creamy milk, this luscious shake is a tropical paradise in a glass.
  • Daab Sharbat

    Daab sharbat is a popular Bengali summer drink. To make it, mix coconut water, coconut flesh, lemon juice, and sugar.
  • Coconut Pineapple Cooler

    This refreshing blend combines the tropical sweetness of ripe pineapples with the creamy richness of coconut water, creating a delightful beverage.
  • Coconut Berry Gazpacho

    Gazpacho is a traditional cold Spanish soup. Give it your own twist by making it with coconut water, berries and other nourishing ingredients.
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