5 Secrets To Mastering French Toast At Home

Jun 10, 2024 13:37 IST
Love treating yourself to French toast often? Explore key insights to elevate your homemade version of this beloved breakfast dish.
  • Choose The Right Bread

    Choose thick bread slices with a robust crust and a tender interior. Day-old bread is a great option as it readily absorbs the liquid.
  • Get Custard Mixture Right

    Blend eggs, milk, a touch of salt, and a splash of vanilla extract. To enhance the flavour, consider incorporating a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg.
  • Master The Soak

    Immerse each slice in the custard mixture, ensuring both sides absorb it evenly. Avoid excessive soaking to prevent it from becoming too soft.
  • Control Temperature

    The pan should be sufficiently hot to produce a sizzle upon the bread's contact, yet not overly hot to cause rapid burning.
  • Choose Good Toppings

    Add maple syrup, sugar, fruits, whipped cream, or any other toppings you prefer to the slices. This will enhance its appeal and make it even more irresistible!
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