5 Smart Tips For Storing Okra (Bhindi)

Jul 09, 2024 18:34 IST
In Indian households, it's common to gather all the week's vegetables together. However, not all vegetables can last a week without losing their colour and taste. One such vegetable is okra (bhindi), beloved for its flavour. If not stored properly, okra can quickly lose its freshness and spoil. Here are some tips to help you keep this veggie fresh for longer:
  • Isolate from other Product

    Okra contain a lot of moisture, so while storing them, never keep them with other fruits and vegetables, because the moisture of okra can spoil the things around them. So store them separately.
  • Proper Refrigeration

    Before keeping okra in the fridge, remove it from the plastic packaging and keep it in a vegetable bag. If you are using a basket to keep okra, then spread newspaper or paper towels in it to absorb excess moisture. By doing this, it will remain fresh for a long time.
  • Select Fresh Okra

    While buying okra, always keep in mind that it should neither be too soft nor have many seeds in it. By pressing the okra lightly, you can guess its freshness. This tip will help you a lot.
  • Size and Colour Matter

    While choosing okra, pay full attention to its size and color. Small, dark colored bhindi are less sticky and also taste better. They also have a longer shelf life.
  • Guard Against Moisture

    There is moisture in the okra brought from the market, so spread it immediately after bringing it home and help the remaining moisture to dry. Even a little moisture can spoil it quickly. To prevent moisture from entering and spoiling, wrap it in a dry cloth and keep it in an airtight container.
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