5 South Indian Restaurants In Delhi-NCR You Must Visit

Aug 18, 2022 09:06 IST
Many of us love having South Indian food. Here we bring you a list of restaurants serving authentic South Indian cuisine.
  • 5 South Indian Restaurants In Delhi-NCR You Must Visit

    South Indian food is a favourite of many people. We make these recipes at home and even experiment with them. However, if you plan to have a yummy south Indian meal outside, we have some restaurant suggestions you can visit in Delhi! Check them out below:
  • Juggernaut

    Juggernaut provides some delicious traditional south Indian fare in a brightly lit setting. The place is perfect for enjoying some quality time with your loved ones. Here, a two-person lunch costs approx. INR 700. Image Credit: Zomato
  • Andhra Bhawan

    People line up for hours to have food at Andhra Bhawan. The restaurant is reasonably priced, at about INR 450 for two people. Whether you prefer to eat a full South Indian thali or simply a few specific items, this restaurant has all! Image Credit: Zomato
  • Naviedyam

    Traditional flavours and comfort food from Kerala are featured on the menu here. It's the ideal location for family dining! Naviedyam has several locations in Delhi. It will cost around INR 500 for two. Image Credit: Zomato
  • Savya Rasa

    To bring you the flavours of several states, the crew here has thoroughly researched the cuisine of various places in South India. Plus, the staff is welcoming, and the ambiance is amazing! The meal here will cost around INR 2,000. Image Credit: Zomato
  • MahaBelly

    The ambiance of this restaurant will transport you directly to South India. Decked with paintings, Keralan artifacts, and cartoons decorating the walls, this place is Insta-worthy. It not only provides you with a fantastic dining experience, but it is also cost-effective! For two people, it will cost about 800 INR. Image Credit: Zomato
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