5 Tips To Save Non-Stick Utensils From Unwanted Scratches

May 28, 2024 10:54 IST
Non-stick pots and pans, although very useful, have a tendency to spoil quickly due to scratches in the coating. Here's how to make them last longer.
  • Tame The Flame

    Use medium to low flame while cooking in non-stick pans to minimise damage to the coating.
  • Soft Sponge Saviour

    Avoid using hard or wire scrubbers to clean the non-stick dishes. Choose the soft side of the dish sponge and be gentle while cleaning them.
  • Paper Barrier

    When storing or stacking them, try to line them with tissue paper or kitchen paper to avoid scratching due to proximity.
  • Silicone /Wood Stirrers

    Opt for silicone and wooden cooking spoons/stirrers while cooking in non-stick dishes to minimise scratches.
  • Patience In Washing

    Avoid putting hot non-stick pans in water as this adds to the damage. Allow them to return to room temperature before washing them, soaking them if needed.
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