5 Vitamin C Rich Foods To Add To Your Diet

Oct 21, 2021 16:29 IST
Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that our bodies require. To gain this vitamin add these foods to your diet.
  • 5 Vitamin C Rich Foods To Add To Your Diet

    Vitamin C's importance cannot be emphasised, especially during the winter months. This is because this simple vitamin has many health benefits and supports the body's overall healthy functioning. Citrus and orange fruits are regarded as the kings of Vitamin C, as they contain large amounts of the vitamin. But there are many other foods through which you can gain vitamin C. Check them out below.
  • Tomato

    Vitamin A and vitamin C are abundant in tomatoes. These two components assist the body in eliminating damaging free radicals from our blood. Tomatoes must be eaten in order to absorb vitamin C into the system, which is why we include them in our everyday meals.
  • Amla

    The Indian gooseberry includes a number of polyphenols that have been shown to improve immunity. Amla is also well-known for promoting hair development and skin health. Amla juice can be consumed regularly, or it can be used as a pickle or murabba to complement your meals.
  • Lemon

    This is another food that health experts recommend eating every day to get your vitamin C dose. Drinking lemon water/lemonade every day is the best way to accomplish it. A dab of lemon juice can also be added to salads, snacks, and dinners.
  • Bell Peppers

    Bell peppers are high in vitamin C. However, the best aspect is that this adaptable vegetable may be utilised in various Indian and international culinary dishes.
  • Papaya

    This one fruit is a veritable treasure trove of nutritional benefits. A half-cup of papaya contains enough vitamin C to meet your daily needs. You can have papaya daily.
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