5 Vrat-Friendly Khichdi Recipes For Navratri

Sep 28, 2022 16:08 IST
Navratri menu doesn't have to be boring and limited. Make yummy khichdi with different vrat-friendly ingredients.
  • Makhana Khichdi

    Since makhanas take hardly any time to cook, this makhana khichdi recipe is ideal for those times when your hunger is at its peak.
  • Kuttu Khichdi

    If you are bored of eating the same kuttu poori or cheela, it's time to amp up your Navratri feast with this kuttu khichdi recipe.
  • Sabudana Khichdi

    Sabudana khichdi is commonly made during Navratri and we love it every single time. Don't forget to pair it with some curd for a complete meal.
  • Samak Khichdi

    This vrat-special rice can be made into a delicious khichdi with aloo and nuts, and many other recipes like dhokla and dosa.
  • Shakarkandi Khichdi

    Combined with potatoes and sweet potatoes, this khichdi tastes amazing when tempered with green chilli, mustard seeds, peanuts and lemon juice.
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