5 Ways To Reduce Spiciness Of Gravies

Jun 11, 2024 18:07 IST
Got carried away while spicing up your curry? Worry not! Here are five simple techniques to dial it back and salvage the dish.
  • Add Liquid

    Simply add some water or vegetable broth to the gravy and simmer it for some time. This will help dilute the spices and result in a more mellow flavour.
  • Add Milk

    The fat content in dairy products like cream or milk can help you tackle high spice levels in your gravy.
  • Balance With Sweetness

    Add a spoonful of sugar, honey, or even apple cider vinegar to bring balance and reduce spice.
  • Add Acidic Ingredients

    Neutralize the spiciness of your gravy with the aid of acidic ingredients like lemon juice or vinegar.
  • Add Veggies

    Potatoes, beans, or other neutral vegetables can absorb the spiciness and make the gravy milder.
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