Amla For Immunity: 5 Fun Ways To Include Amla In Your Daily Diet

Nov 02, 2022 13:21 IST
Amla is considered a superfood, thanks to its health benefitting properties. We bring you some easy tips to include it to your daily diet.
  • Amla For Immunity: 5 Fun Ways To Include Amla In Your Daily Diet

    Amla has been a part of our time since time immemorial. This tiny green fruit offers a range of health benefits, including strong immunity, smooth digestion, good hair and skin and more. In fact, a single serving of amla can make for up to 46% of our daily dose of vitamin C - nutrient that helps boost immunity, flush out toxins, fight inflammation and more. The best part is, amla can be included in our diet in multiple ways.
  • Salad

    Ditch the lemon in your salad dressing, and opt for amla juice instead! This will add a dose of good health to your meal.
  • Tadka

    Amla can be boiled in salt water to reduce its pungent taste. After this, you can chop and use the boiled amla in your everyday tadkas..
  • Herbal Tea

    Simply incorporate a piece of chopped Amla to make your herbal tea decoction even healthier.
  • Juice

    A popular drink for immunity, amla juice can be prepared by blending alma in a blender and straining the juice out of it.
  • Chutney

    Amla chutney can make for a flavourful addition to every meal and you can stock up the powerhouse of nutrients easily without hassle.
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