Hair Troubles? These 5 Desi Foods Will Save the Day

Sep 12, 2023 17:43 IST
Are you craving long, luscious locks that shine like a Bollywood star's? Well, the journey to fabulous hair isn't a cakewalk, but we've got your back! Hair problems like fallout, frizz, and dandruff are common struggles, but instead of relying solely on store-bought products, why not turn to natural desi foods? We've rounded up five delectable options that can do wonders for your hair.
  • Dal

    In India, pulses are the heart of our cuisine, and they should be the heart of your hair care routine too. Lentils are loaded with protein and fibre, making them a must-have for strong, beautiful hair. Whether you enjoy them in roti, rice, or salad, dal has your back for both nutrition and hair goals.
  • Rajma

    Rajma isn't just a delicious dish; it's your hair's best friend too. Packed with protein and Vitamin B, it's a nutrient-rich superstar that ensures a smooth flow of essential goodies to your hair follicles. Your scalp and hair will thank you for this flavorful addition to your diet!
  • Guava

    Iron is essential for healthy hair, and guava delivers this vital nutrient with gusto. Include guava in your daily diet, and you'll be providing a regular oxygen supply to your hair follicles. Watch your hair thrive and grow as you indulge in this delicious fruit.
  • Amla

    Move over, superheroes! Amla is here to save the day. This superfood is a powerhouse of Vitamin C, and that's music to your scalp's ears. A healthy scalp is the key to beautiful hair, and Amla can help you achieve that effortlessly. Say hello to luscious locks!
  • Paneer

    Paneer isn't just mouthwateringly tasty, it's also a fantastic source of protein. Elevate your overall health while boosting hair growth and strength with this versatile ingredient. Say goodbye to dull hair days!
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