Holi Special: 5 Recipes To Give Your Classic Gujiya A Unique Makeover

Mar 06, 2023 16:36 IST
Holi is a one of the most popular festivals in India, and our preparations are on an all-time high. We are buying colours, water guns and more to make the most of the festival. Food too plays a major role in Holi celebration. From spicy pakoda to thandai, we make a variety of dishes to celebrate the festival. Another such popular dish is gujiya. We make this delicacy in abundance and enjoy to the fullest. Here, we listed some delicious gujiya recipe that will add flavours to your Holi feast.
  • Malai Gujiya

    Generally, we use mawa as stuffing in gujiya. In this recipe, we use malai, cooked with desiccated coconut, sugar and dry fruits, to make malai gujiya.
  • Baked Gujiya

    This dish is ideal for those who don't want to deep fry your gujiya. Bake it and make the dish healthy and guilt-free.
  • Gulkand Gujiya

    Normally, we use gulkand in paan. Have you ever thought it can be used in gujiya as well? Here's a recipe that includes stuffing of gulkand, chironji and kesar to make it more appealing.
  • Kesari Gujiya

    Kesar adds some rich colour and aroma to any dish you want. Here's a gujiya recipe with the goodness of kesar in it. The recipe is ideal for those, who like to make to make halwai-style gujiya at home.
  • Paneer Gujiya

    In this recipe, paneer is used as stuffing to prepare the gujiya. This dish is also called paneer karaji. You can pair it with a hot cup of chai and relish.
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