Mistakes To Avoid While Cooking Frozen Vegetables

May 17, 2024 18:42 IST
Cooking with frozen vegetables can be tricky, especially if you are used to fresh ones. Swipe to know some of the most common mistakes.
  • Not Thawing

    Thawing helps in cooking the vegetables evenly and prevents excess moisture in the dish.
  • Skipping Seasoning

    Fresh veggies contain natural sweetness and crunch, unlike the frozen ones. Adding extra seasoning may help enhance the flavour of the latter kind.
  • Overcooking

    Frozen vegetables cook way faster than fresh ones, and heating them for too long may make them mushy.
  • Cooking All Veggies

    Some vegetables like carrots, sweet corn, etc., don't need to be cooked but only brought to room temperature.
  • Not Drying

    Using the vegetables directly after thawing would make them soggy. Pat them dry to retain their crunch.
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