NDTV Food Awards 2024: Panel Discussion Highlights

Mar 04, 2024 14:37 IST
Notable personalities from the culinary world graced the podium at the NDTV Food Awards to enlighten us on various aspects of food and beverage industry and hospitality sector of India.
  • The Vision of a Circular Food System - A World Without Waste

    Moderated by Gargi Rawat, featuring Nitin Dixit, Chef Vineet Bhatia, and Chef Manish Mehrotra
  • Highlights:

    The panelists talk about how to manage food wastage, work towards sustainability and contribute to a more environment-conscious community.
  • Highlights:

    To minimise wastage, the panellists stress the need for basic training on kitchen practices as well as important checks and balances that every restaurant kitchen should follow from the ground level.
  • Panel Discussion 2: Food & Culture - Celebrating The Diversity of Our Culinary Traditions

    Moderated by Ambika Singh, featuring Nakul Anand, Chef Shipra Khanna, and Karen Anand
  • Highlights:

    The panelists talk about Indian food and culture, the love people have for Indian street food and reveal their favourite comfort foods.
  • Highlights:

    The panelists discuss how Indian food has achieved global recognition and the impact of digitalization and social media in generating interest and awareness.
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