Skin Care: These 5 Collagen-Rich Foods Will Keep Your Skin Healthy

May 24, 2022 09:46 IST
This summer season, keep your skin healthy and glowing with these collagen-rich foods!
  • Skin Care: These 5 Collagen-Rich Foods Will Keep Your Skin Healthy

    The summer season comes with lots of dust and sweat, which undoubtedly affects our skin. It may make your skin dull and the dust might also stick to your skin. It is important to constantly wash your face and cover yourself with sunscreen during this time. But more than that, it is also essential to make dietary changes. Yes, you read that right. Diet is crucial in having healthy and clear skin. So, if you also want to keep your skin healthy, here we bring you some collagen-rich foods to add to your diet.
  • Bell Peppers

    Vitamin C, antioxidants, amino acids, and other vital minerals are all found in bell pepper, which helps in improving skin health. It also contains capsaicin, an anti-inflammatory chemical that may aid preventing skin ageing.
  • Chicken

    Chicken is high in amino acids, which aid collagen formation in our bodies. Furthermore, various studies from around the world have discovered that some sections of chicken are high in collagen and may aid in the treatment of arthritis too.
  • Citrus Fruits

    Lemon and other citrus fruits are high in antioxidants and vitamin C, which not only aid collagen creation but also help to drain toxins from the body, resulting in healthy skin. Citrus fruits also help in reducing skin inflammation.
  • Green Leafy Vegetables

    Leafy vegetables such as spinach and lettuce are called superfoods because they contain all of the nutrients our bodies require for overall growth and sustenance. It also contains chlorophyll, which some studies claim plays a vital role in collagen formation.
  • Fish

    Fish is a good source of amino acids and vital minerals like zinc and copper, which aid in the body's collagen production. Fish also contains beneficial fats that contribute to vibrant, healthy skin.
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