These 5 Vada Recipes Are A Must-Make This Monsoon

The monsoon season is here and its time to relish some crispy treats! Here we bring you some yummy vada recipes to try.
  • These 5 Vada Recipes Are A Must-Make This Monsoon

    The weather is changing, and as the monsoon kicks in, we love to spend time in our balconies and windows and have all things crispy! It is such a blissful moment to sit and enjoy the evening rains with a platter of food. But this time, we suggest that you skip the pakodas and make delicious vadas instead! Here we bring you some easy-to-make vada recipes to try this season.
  • Suji Vada

    Click here for recipe Suji is one of those ingredients that make everything crispy. So, here is a recipe for incredibly delicious and crispy vada that uses only suji. It tastes best when you serve it with sambhar and chutneys.
  • Mutton Vadai

    Click here for recipe This one is for all of you who enjoy eating meat! The minced mutton used in this south Indian-style vadai recipe, along with a variety of other spices is fried to a lovely golden colour. If you enjoy keema, you'll adore this dish!
  • Sabudana Vada

    Click here for recipe This Maharashtrian delight is simply divine. Crispy, soft, light, and healthful describe these delectable Sabudana Vadas. Additionally, these vadas are a delicious morning or evening snack.
  • Dahi Vada Chaat

    Click here for recipe You've probably tried the traditional dahi vada dish. This version of vada chaat has new ingredients, including sev puri, crispy papdi, boondi, chutneys, lemon juice, and many others. The combination of this recipe and filter coffee or masala chai makes the ideal evening snack.
  • Chicken Vada Pav

    Click here for recipe This vada recipe, also called Biuli Dal Er Boda in Bengali, uses a thick mixture of ground urad dal, sooji (for crisp), chillies, onion, and other mouth-watering spices. Pro Tip: To save time, soak the dal the day before.
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