World Diabetes Day 2022: 5 Winter Vegetables That May Help Manage Blood Sugar

Nov 12, 2022 10:28 IST
World Diabetes Day falls on 14th November, every year. Established in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), with support from WHO, it became an official UN day in 2006. This day is marked to bring awareness among all, regarding this major lifestyle disease. Here are some seasonal vegetables that might be a great addition to your diabetes diet.
  • Spinach

    One of the most popular food options for the diabetics, this green leafy vegetable is a storehouse of iron, calcium, fibre, vitamins etc.
  • Sweet Potato

    Also called shakarkandi, this root vegetable has a low glycaemic index and makes for an ideal substitute for regular potato in diabetes diet.
  • Carrot

    Carrot is majorly associated with gajar ka halwa, gajar matar sabzi and other yummy dishes. Besides the culinary usage, this winter veggie is also known to help manage blood sugar level in the body.
  • Broccoli

    Another low GI vegetable, broccoli makes for a perfect addition to a diabetes diet. Considered a superfood, it helps promote overall health.
  • Beetroot

    This mildly sweet vegetable is packed with minerals, fibre and other essential nutrients, which make it ideal for people with type-2 diabetes.
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