Ritu Dalmia

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  • Batter Fish

    On Travelling Diva, Ritu Dalmia finds herself pleasantly surprised by the wealth and quality of the local food in Edinburgh. Here's her version of the quintessential batter fried fish.

  • Cheese Onion Omelette

    Ritu Dalmia says an omelette is the easiest thing to cook. Make it special with onion and parmesan and garnish with parsley.

  • Chicken Breast Stuffed with Spinach

    Chicken stuffed with cooked spinach and onion and served with a wine, peppercorn and saffron sauce

  • Chocolate and Banana Crepes

    Ritu Dalmia's crepes are guaranteed to make your day special. Top with your favorites like chocolate-banana, cinnamon-orange and whatever your heart fancies.

  • Eggy Bread BLT

    On Travelling Diva, while cooking, eating and shopping in London, Ritu Dalmia shares her version of a BLT sandwich with eggs. BLT is a popular British tea time sandwich which stands for bacon, lettuce and ...

  • Whole Wheat Pasta in Mushroom Sauce

    Chef Ritu Dalmia cooks a delicious whole wheat pasta with mushrooms and white wine.

  • Risotto with Pumpkin and Red Wine

    A ravishing risotto recipe from Ritu Dalmia. Risotto rice cooked in red wine with pumpkin cubes and puree.

  • Coffee Marinated Mutton Chops With Balsamic Reduction

    Juicy mutton chops with a twist from Depot 29 in New Delhi. The meat is marinated in mix of coffee, honey and balsamic reduction.

  • Corn and Mushroom Tostada

    Tostada is a Spanish word which means 'toasted'. A crisp fried corn tortilla topped with a medley of mushrooms, herbs, chillies, coriander, avocado, salsa and sour cream from Depot 29 in New Delhi.

  • Spanish Artichoke And Spinach Dip

    This easy spinach dips is warm and gooey, unlike your regular accompaniments. Serve with freshly baked tortilla chips.

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